NHS England Drugs of Low Clinical Priority


NHS England have identified 18 medicines/items of low clinical value. These are for ineffective, over-priced or low value treatments and are a focus in our Medicines Optimisation LES (MOLES).

Below are the resources to support practices when reviewing them which includes  prescribing policy statements, service restriction policies and switching guidance for each item.

pdf (155 KB) pdf (155 KB) pdf Complementary and Alternative Therapies Service Restriction Policy Oct 2016 (155 KB)

pdf Co-proxamol April 2017  (414 KB)

pdf Dosulepin August 2017 (325 KB)

pdf Doxazosin MR August 2017  (348 KB)

pdf Erectile dysfunction - including info on tadalafil February 2015 (243 KB)

pdf Fentanyl Immediate release products March 2017 (231 KB)

pdf Glucosamine February 2015 (370 KB)

pdf Gluten free food January 2016 (244 KB)

pdf Liothyronine April 2017 (373 KB)

pdf Lutein and antioxidants August 2017 (529 KB)

pdf Omega 3 fatty acids February 2015 (361 KB)

pdf Oxycodone and naloxone combination product (Targinact) June 2016 (342 KB)

pdf Perindopril Arginine August 2017 (332 KB)

pdf Rubefacients June 2016 (346 KB)

pdf (330 KB) pdf Tramadol and paracetamol combination product (Tramacet®) November 2017 (330 KB)

pdf Travel Vaccines April 2017 (358 KB)

pdf Trimipramine withdrawal and cross tapering guidelines April 2017 (289 KB)

document Luteins & Antioxidants in AMD patient letter (34 KB)

document Glucosamine review Letter for Patients (28 KB)

document Targinact to oxycodone patient letter (31 KB)

document Targinact patient review letter (29 KB)