Preventing falls in the home

Trips, slips and falls are among the most common types of accident to occur in the home. For young, mobile and healthy people, injuries from these kinds of accidents are usually minor bumps and bruises. However, as you get older or less mobile, trips and falls can be more dangerous. Falling heavily can lead to serious injuries, such as sprains or broken bones and sometimes people may find it difficult to get up again.

There are many simple things that you can do to help stay steady on your feet. It is very common to feel anxious if you have had a fall or feel unsteady.

Keeping active can help keep you fit and healthy. There are also specific exercises to strengthen the muscles of your legs and improve your co-ordination and balance. Sight plays an important role in your sense of balance too so have your eyes checked regularly. People aged 65+ should take a daily vitamin D supplement to help keep bones healthy and strong.

Some medicines or a combination of drugs can make you feel faint or unsteady. Let your Doctor know if you ever feel like this.

Foot problems can have a major effect on our balance and stability. Wear shoes that fit you well. Avoid loose slippers or those with no backs, sandals and high heels.

Always take care on the stairs and consider an extra banister or handrails to make everyday activities safer. Keep the floor free from clutter, which you may trip over.

If you fall and are worried ask your Doctor to refer you to the local falls prevention service.

Local falls prevention service

Provide deliver a falls prevention service across mid Essex, offering assessment, advice and support (including exercise classes) for people who have fallen or are at risk of falling, to help prevent future falls. for more information please click on the below link.

pdf Provide Falls Prevention Service (2.70 MB)

Other information and advice

The NHS Choices website provides advice on how to prevent falls at home.

Essex County Council have produced a falls prevention leafet called Tumbles. Aimed at carers, people living in their own homes or in care homes, the leaflet includes advice on what can be done to help prevent falls. Download a copy of the leaflet by clicking on the link below. 

pdf TUMBLES - 7 Steps Falls Prevention Checklist (1.51 MB)

PROSPER a new project from Essex Country Council which promotes safer provision of care for elderly residents, have produced some guidance to good slippers to help prevents trips and falls around the home. You can download the factsheet by clicking the link below. 

pdf A basic guidance to good slippers (122 KB)