UPDATE 06/12 - Flood warnings issued across Essex

The flood situation in Essex has now been downgraded from severe flood warning  to a flood warning.

There is still some risk to properties but the high tides have passed and whilst the full picture will not be known for some time, it appears that the county has fortunately not seen the same conditions as other parts of the country.

Be flu safe and get the jab – it’s free to those at greatest risk

Flu Safe Logo Generic CMYKFlu is a highly contagious infection that anyone can catch. It is not just a cold – it can be a really serious illness for some people and it doesn’t just affect older people. 

If you’re pregnant, have lowered immunity or a long term health condition such as severe asthma, a chest or heart complaint, or diabetes then you should also get a free flu jab from your GP.  The flu jab is completely safe, and it can’t give you flu.

The NHS at 65

The NHS was launched on July 5 1948. Over the 65 years since then it has continually grown, evolved and improved to become a source of national pride and a service envied around the world.

Stoptober is back

Stoptober – England’s mass 28-day stop smoking attempt - is back following its huge success last year, which saw 160,000 people complete the challenge.