Smokefree Health Harms

Public Health England has launched a new Smokefree Health Harms campaign to encourage the nation’s 7 million smokers to make a quit attempt this January.

 The new TV advert illustrates how poisons from tar in cigarettes enter the bloodstream, spreading around the body in seconds, causing damage to major organs, as data reveals one person in England is admitted to hospital every minute with a smoking related illness .

Christmas and New Year Pharmacy Opening Times

The NHS is reminding residents in mid Essex where they can access expert medical treatment to help them stay well during the Christmas holidays.

Patients can save time in the waiting room by visiting their pharmacist for quick, confidential advice on a range of common illnesses.

DISS offers better support for people living with dementia

Different organisations that offer care for people living with dementia can often provide a better service by working together.

So the CCG has teamed up with Essex County Council, voluntary groups, community providers and NHS partners to launch the Dementia Intensive Support Service, or DISS, which you can contact on 01245 515 313