Shared Care

Shared Care and Continuing Care

Shared Care Guidelines apply to medicines which have been initiated by a specialist and  the prescribing is taken over by the GP under the terms of a Local Enhanced Service. These medicines appear in the amber section of the Formulary and Traffic Lights list and can only be prescribed in general practice after specialist referral and initiation/recommendation. The patient would normally be stabilised before prescribing responsibility is transfered, however this is not always the case. A shared care guideline is required detailing the prescribing clinicians reponsibility.

List of  Shared care Drugs List Jan 2016

To initiate Shared Care, see Template letters for consultants and GPs

Shared care guidelines 

pdf Azathioprine (115 KB)  Jan 2016 folder Methotrexate
folder Ciclosporin folder Mycophenolate
pdf Denosumab October 2015 (239 KB) document Penicillamine (58 KB)
pdf Dronedarone (97 KB) folder Riluzole
folder Gold  (sodium aurothiomalate) pdf Sirolimus (206 KB)
pdf Leflunomide (81 KB) pdf Sulfasalazine (73 KB)
pdf Mercaptopurine (43 KB) pdf Tacrolimus (232 KB)

Continuing care guidelines

Continuing Care Guidelines apply to medicines which have been initiated by a specialist and recommended to the GP for continued prescribing. These medicines appear in the yellow section of the Formulary and Traffic light list.

  pdf Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors And Memantine (523 KB)  Sept 2016 default Melatonin (275 KB)
default ADHD Continuing Care 2013 (264 KB) pdf Midodrine Oct 2015 (242 KB)
  pdf Anti-psychotic long acting injection March 2015 (131 KB) default Somatropin (growth Hormone) (327 KB)
default Apomorphine (117 KB) folder Venlafaxine
  pdf Lithium (609 KB) Sept 2016   pdf  Degarelix March 2017 (276 KB)