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Self Care OTC campaign and other self help guides

Self-limiting conditions are illnesses or conditions which will either resolve themselves without medical intervention or which have no long-term harmful effect on a person’s health. Minor ailments are uncomplicated conditions which can be diagnosed and managed without medical intervention.

Mid Essex CCG considers funding of medicines for minor ailments and self-limiting conditions and self-care to be a patients’ personal responsibility. All patients, regardless of where they live, should be able to access and purchase such medicines.

We ask mid Essex GPs not to prescribe OTC medicines where it is reasonable and appropriate for patients to obtain low-cost OTC medication direct from pharmacies, in line with advice from the GMC.

The resources below are to support  practices and patients and to encourage self-care.



pdf Ear wax October 2017 ( pdf, 339 KB ) (23 downloads)
pdf Emollients Guidelines 2017 ( pdf, 386 KB ) (210 downloads) Popular
pdf Emollients quick reference guide Oct 2018 **updated** ( pdf, 324 KB ) (832 downloads) Popular
pdf OTC GP Desk Stand ( pdf, 75 KB ) (497 downloads) Popular
pdf Over The Counter Poster/Flyer ( pdf, 564 KB ) (642 downloads) Popular
Image Over The Counter Social Media Graphic ( jpg, 2.55 MB ) (690 downloads) Popular
pdf Policy on Prescribing of Medicines that are Available for Purchase (Self-Care) August 2017 ( pdf, 391 KB ) (751 downloads) Popular
pdf Prescribing of Medicines available for purchase Over the Counter Patient FAQ August 2017 (revised March 2018) ( pdf, 241 KB ) (717 downloads) Popular
pdf Prescribing of medicines OTC list ( pdf, 307 KB ) (213 downloads) Popular
pdf Self care No prescription required Template March 2017 ( pdf, 91 KB ) (535 downloads) Popular
pdf Warts and verrucas Self help patient information leaflet 2018 ( pdf, 303 KB ) (325 downloads) Popular