Medicines Waste

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Medicines prescribed but never used cost the local NHS a conservative £2 million every year and only about half of patients use all their prescribed medication properly. NHS organisations have tried a variety of ways to solve these problems – but they persist, so Mid Essex CCG is taking a new approach.

The CCG has worked with our GP practices’ patient participation groups (PPGs) and respected campaign group Medicine Waste UK to develop a Medicine Waste Toolkit that can be adapted by different surgeries so it fits the population they serve.

All GP practices in mid Essex have agreed a plan with the CCG to support their PPG in running at least one local medicines waste reduction event or campaign using the Toolkit. But what form such a campaign takes will vary, as practices serve differing communities and have different levels of patient involvement.

Over a series of workshops and focus groups, patients have led on the development of the materials in the Toolkit. These range from simple information posters and flyers to resources for presentations and guided conversations, appropriate for use in a wide variety of ways.

Paula Wilkinson, Chief Pharmacist at Mid Essex CCG, says: “We are very excited to have been involved in the development of the Toolkit, which we believe will be an integral part of our medicines optimisation strategy in the coming months and years.

“We are supporting PPGs to work with their practice on putting the Toolkit to work in a way that’s appropriately for them.”

You can see an example of the material in the toolkit by clicking the link below. 

pdf Repeat Prescriptions Leaflet (4.32 MB)