Signposting and support

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What to do if a person discloses to you

The badges aren’t intended to prompt disclosures, but simply by wearing one, you may become the first person someone has ever felt confident enough to open up to about how they feel. For them, it might be one of the most important moments of their life, and how you respond to it is something they will remember.

We understand and appreciate that wearing a badge doesn’t mean you’ll have all the answers, and we aren’t expecting you to have them either, but most importantly you should be prepared to listen and signpost to relevant information.

What to do if you feel you need to escalate a conversation

Occasionally you may feel that a person’s disclosure means that they need more immediate support, or that they are at risk.

If you are specifically worried that there is an immediate or serious risk to the person’s physical or mental health, then you should escalate to the safeguarding team in line with normal organisational procedure. Information about this process is available on the intranet and via your line manager.


There are some great resources to find out more about gender and sexuality, most of them online.

Juno Dawson’s This Book Is Gay, written by a young adult author and former PSHE teacher, is a book that aims to ‘smash the myths and prejudices surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity’.

Stonewall have a great guide to ‘Coming out as a young person’, which gives lots of answers to questions young people often have when they are thinking about coming out, or are wondering if they are lesbian, gay or bi.

Young people working with Gendered Intelligence and the Department of Health have written ‘A guide for young trans people in the UK’. It has lots of useful information if you feel that your gender identity is different to the one you were assigned when you were born.

More information about gender identity can be found on and GIDS (The Gender Identity Development Service) website. GIDS is a highly specialised clinic that supports young people in relation to gender identity

Charities and LGBT+ groups

There are a number of very helpful charities, support services ans social groups that you can signpost people to:

  • Outhouse East

    Outhouse East

    Outhouse East is a registered charity seeking to offer support and information to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people of Essex. Based in Colchester Town Centre, they provide a range of services and groups free of charge.

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  • LGBT Foundation

    LGBT Foundation

    LGBT Foundation is a national charity delivering advice, support and information services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities.

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  • Stonewall


    Provides a range of resources to support people identifying as LGBT+, advice for parents, and works with businesses and institutions to create inclusive workplaces and working with schools to promote inclusion.

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  • Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

    Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

    Switchboard provides a one-stop listening service for LGBT+ people on the phone, by email and through Instant Messaging (IM).

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  • Gendered Intelligence

    Gendered Intelligence

    A not-for-profit organisation specialising in supporting young trans people under the age of 21. They deliver trans youth programmes, support for parents and carers, professional development and trans awareness training for all sectors and educational workshops for schools, colleges, Universities and other educational settings.

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  • Mermaids


    The charity Mermaids work to raise awareness about gender nonconformity in children and young people. They provide lots of useful information on their website for young people, and their families, around gender.

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  • Albert Kennedy Trust

    Albert Kennedy Trust

    The Albert Kennedy Trust provides support for LGBT+ young people who are homeless or living in a hostile home environment.

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  • Outdoor Lads

    Outdoor Lads

    A social group for Gay and Bisexual men who love the great outdoors

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  • Just Like Us

    Just Like Us

    Just Like Us is an LGBT+ charity aiming to empower young people to be role models championing LGBT+ equality at school and work.

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  • Mind LGBTQ

    Mind LGBTQ

    UK mental health charity Mind has a specific section for LGBTQ people, where you can access information about mental health support.

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