Finding a Care Home

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Care Homes in mid Essex are all privately owned and are regulated by the Government through the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC sets out the national standards that care homes must follow.

Care home places in mid Essex can be:

  • Self-funded
  • Funded – or partly funded – by the local authority
  • Funded by NHS Mid Essex CCG Continuing Healthcare (or your local CCG, depending on where you live)

Two main types of care homes are available in mid Essex:

  • those offering accommodation and help with personal care including washing, dressing and going to the toilet
  • those providing all of the above services as well as nursing care

Finding the right care home for you, your relatives or loved-ones, will depend on any specific health and care needs you or they may have. In addition to those above, some care homes also offer specialist care for people with dementia and other long-term conditions or illnesses. All care homes will set out the level of care they provide and how they will meet each resident’s health and care needs.

To view a list of care homes in Essex, please click here for a Essex Care Services Directory. The directory specifies the different needs each care home is able to meet. allows you to search for the care home that is closest to you by entering your postcode. This can also be refined further by selecting the type of care home you are looking for.