Types of Personal Health Budget

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1) Direct Payment

PHP Direct Payment

With a direct payment, the money is paid directly to you or your representative. You or your representative will buy and manage the care and services as agreed in your care plan. You will need to keep financial records and receipts to show how you have spent your budget. There will be scheduled reviews and monitoring to ensure that your personal health budget is meeting your health and wellbeing needs and the money is being spent according to plan. If you accept a direct payment, you will be asked to enter into a formal agreement and set up a separate bank account. You can choose to have a support service provider hold the funds for you and make payments on your behalf; this is called a ‘Managed’ Direct Payments Account.

2) Third Party Budget

PHP Third Party Budget

The money is paid directly to an organisation which holds the money on your behalf, you can nominate a third party to hold your budget and arrange the care for you. For example, a care agency could employ a care worker on your behalf. The third party will manage all financial aspects of your PHB and will have responsibility for making sure invoices are paid on your behalf.

3) Virtual Budget (sometimes known as a Notional Budget)

PHP Virtual Budget

The money is held by your Clinical Commissioning Group or other NHS organisations who arrange the care and support you have agreed, on your behalf.