We want everyone in mid Essex to Live Well. For us this means developing and planning services that help support you to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

We want you to live as independently as possible and to take good care of yourself throughout life but, when needed, to get joined up care with the best outcome.

We know that the population in mid Essex is growing faster than the national average; by 2020 more than 400,000 people will be living here. We also know that as people get older there is an increasing need for support.

In 2014 we began a conversation with you during a summer of consultation about your local NHS and how services may look in the future.

We’ve been working with you and our partners across health, social care, housing and the voluntary sector to come up with a radical, bold approach.

What is Live Well?

Live Well is our proposal for your future care; a strategy to unify services, simplify process and build communities that are healthy, resilient and support for you to stay well throughout life.

Over the coming months and years, we will create ‘Live Well hubs’. These are hubs or centres that will become the focal point in your community as a place to go to access traditional health services, social care and voluntary organisations who can co-ordinate support.

By bringing services together in this way we can reduce duplication, minimise waste and improve the quality of care we can provide.

Live Well hubs will offer support to help you remain well throughout life but centre around five ‘life’ stages - all of these are supported and connected by Connect Well – the social prescribing initiative for our area.

Start Well
Be Well
Stay Well
Age Well
Die Well
Connect Well

Useful Documents

pdf Live Well Corporate Strategy (8.39 MB)

pdf Live Well Public Information Booklet - June 2015 (2.45 MB)