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We are committed to listening and engaging with our communities and stakeholders and acting on the information you give us. Many of the developments we have implemented over the past few months have resulted from public feedback.

On this page you can read some examples of what you said, and what we did about it. Click on a piece of work to learn more. 

If you have something to tell us or suggest about an NHS service, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our Contact Us page.

You said – A mid Essex GP practice's Patient Participation Group (PPG) asked for support and promotion around a public meeting it had organised about the future of primary care

We did – The CCG supported our Clinical Chair for Mental Health to attend the 20 February 2019 meeting as a guest speaker, provided the PPG with printed materials on local health and care to display and distribute at the meeting and promote the event on the CCG's social media channels

You said – Move forwards on improving how the CCG's Patient Reference Group (PRG) represents our communities

We did – Presented an options paper to PRG and a locality based PRG approach was agreed at the PRG meeting which took place on 20 November 2018. This will consist of three locality based PRG groups – one for each mid Essex district – rather than a single central meeting. These localised meetings will have a broader invitation list, including local authorities, education insitutions, faith and BAME groups and third sector organisations. These meetings will be held in the communities they represent and the first will take place before 31 March 2019.

You said – Keep South Woodham Ferrers patient groups updated on the new healthcare facility being built in the town and support the GP practices to deliver a public meeting for local residents about their moves to the new centre later in 2019.

We did – Supported Brickfields, Greenwood and Kingsway Surgeries to organise and deliver a public meeting on Wednesday 9 January at William de Ferrers School in South Woodham Ferrers. Over 300 residents, stakeholders and local politicians attended.

You said – PRG members asked for a presentation from the Anglian Ruskin University School of Medicine.

We did – Dr Ruth Jackson, School of Medicine Pro Vice Chancellor, presented at the PRG meeting on 20 November 2018. A number of ways were discussed about how the CCG and PRG members could work with and support the School of Medicine over the coming months and years.

You said – PRG members asked for a presentation about Sepsis, the prevalence and what could be done to support early diagnosis.

We did – Carole Bishop from Mid Essex Hospital Services Trust presented at the PRG meeting on 20 November 2018 about the Essex Sepsis Support Group for patients she set up. She also talked about the research audits being conducted and other support services she is looking to introduce such as a phone clinic. It was agreed that the CCG and PRG groups would support the World Sepsis Day campaign taking place on 13 September 2019.

You said – PRG members asked for further promotion of Extended Access to GP Services and the CCG to focus on practices where it is being underutilised.

We did – The CCG’s Communications and Engagement team has delivered a targeted bespoke marketing campaign to 10 practices across mid Essex and has held a public 'market stall' to seek input on how the service could better serve our local population.

You said – Explain in more detail how the CCG is involved with planning primary care around new housing developments

We did – Offer an initial explaination to our Patient Reference Group that the CCG usually sees major planning applications and has a chance to comment. We offered a commitment to discuss new housing developments in more depth at a future meetingAn and in July 2018 an NHS England premises specialist and the CCG Director responsible for estates gave a presentation to the PRG on the subject, explaining how the NHS feeds back on health needs around new housing.

You said – Investigate how the Patient Reference Group’s function could be improved and invite all mid Essex GP practices' patient participation groups to discuss proposals

We did – Send invitations and then reminders to practices’ patient groups (and directly to practices where no PPG exists) for a meeting on Tuesday 18 September 2018, when the CCG presented an options paper for discussion to determine preferences for the group’s future function.

You said – Support a pilot scheme for a medical device improving older patients’ hearing and ear health

We did – Engage regularly with the patient representative leading the scheme and the practice hosting it.

You said – Keep South Woodham Ferrers patient groups updated on the new healthcare facility being built in the town

We did – Met with patient representatives in the town to share news on the project in September 2018 and regularly thereafter.

You said – Support the creation of a communications strategy by a GP practice's Patient Participation Group (PPG)

We did – Met representatives from the PPG in June 2018 to discuss their communication requirements and share suggestions.

You said – Share details of the CCG's Red Bag scheme with patient representatives

We did – Created a communications plan for sharing information more widely and briefed our Patient Reference Group in July 2018. The Red Bag scheme launched on 1 October 2018 and patient representatives received a briefing in advance of that date.

You said – Investigate how patients can support the national Extended Access to GP Services programme in the Dengie locality of Maldon District

We did – The CCG’s Extended Access working group discussed ways that patient groups could be involved in local delivery of the programme, with outcomes reported back to the CCG's Patient Reference Group ahead of of the launch date in the Dengie of 1 October 2018

You said – Share information about a patient information event with a wider audience so others can learn how to get the most from GP practices

We did – Promoted the event through the CCG’s social media channels

You said – Arrange meeting between patient representative who has a special interest in audiology and responsible director to discuss possible service improvements in care homes

We did – Scheduled meeting for the patient rep with Director of Clinical Transformation

You said – Produce refreshed Live Well booklet with new information so patient representatives can support CCG outreach on the current priorities in helping people across mid Essex to Live Well

We did – Produced and printed an Annual Review booklet summarising the content of our Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18, which outlined the CCG's plans, challenges and achievements. This book was made available to patient representatives from our Annual General Meeting on 27 September 2018 onwards.

You said – Offer suggestions for ways that records of patient group meetings can be shared across a practice population

We did – Shared a number of useful ways this might be accomplished, using both digital and offline methods

You said – Inform the Mid and South Essex Sustainability and Transformation Partnership consultation team of recommendation from the CCG's Patient Reference Group that family/carer transport run during evenings and weekends

We did – Shared the PRG comments with the STP team and supported the set-up of a mid and south Essex focus group on transport involving patient and service users

You said – Provide each member of the CCG's Patient Reference Group with electronic copies of the Mid and South Essex Sustainability and Transformation Partnership 2017/18 consultation materials

We did – The CCG sent all materials pertaining to the consultation to patient representatives electronically and provided hard copies at meetings

You said – Provide clearer guidance on which services will be staying at each acute hospital in mid and south Essex under the proposals being consulted on in late 2017 and early 2018

We did – The CCG worked with the Mid and South Essex Sustainability and Transformation Partnership consultation team to prepare individual guides explaining services expected to be at at each hospital under the proposals. Guides were distributed to mid Essex patient representatives at the March 2018 Patient Reference Group meeting

You said – Update the Patient Reference Group on progress around the Mid Essex CCG carers’ strategy

We did – The CCG prepared a briefing to be given at the March 2018 PRG meeting

You said – Inform the CCG's Patient Reference Group of services previously available at Burnham Clinic

We did – A briefing was given to patient representatives at the March 2018 PRG meeting

You said – Involve patient representatives more closely in CCG commissioning decisions

We did – The CCG discussed with its Patient Reference Group how its volunteer Community Champions might take a regular seat on its principal commissioning committee making recommendations to Board, the Live Well Committee. Community Champions met the CCG's Clinical Chair in June 2018 and invitations were issued to them for each Live Well Committee meeting from July 2018

You said – Promote benefits of patient participation groups (PPGs) with GP practices without one

We did – The CCG met with two member GP practices to discuss development of a face-to-face PPG or virtual PPG. One is in process of setting up a PRG and the CCG continues to have discussions with other practices with less active PPGs on revitalising them

You said – Requested support for forthcoming Live Well events held by a GP practice’s patient participation group (PPG)

We did – The CCG supplied printed materials to support the PPG's event, promoted it on social media and is looking at other ways that future events could receive CCG backing in future

You said – Seek more evidence to support safe practice around the CCG's planned implementation of its Home First scheme, a "discharge to assess" model for intermediate care

We did – The CCG provided research (the Cochrane report) to the public and lcoal authority scrutiny committees about the principles of discharge to assess; the CCG also worked through elements of the service with providers to ensure safe implementation later this year, and carried out a 10-week engagement programme in late 2017 that won praise from Healthwatch Essex and was shortlisted for a Public Finance Award in 2019

You said – Share the reasons for the delay in submission to NHS England of the outline business case for the new Maldon Live Well hub

We did – The CCG explained to Maldon patient representatives on the working group for the hub that it was awaiting the outcome of the national NHS maternity services consultation to inform the business case; subsequently, the referral to the Secretary of State of the Mid snd South Essex Sustainability and Transformation Plan's acute reconfiguration strategy, drawn up with input from a puiblic consultation in late 2017 and early 2018, unfortunately led to further delay