Folder Public Consultations & Engagement

We want to involve you - our patients and the local population - in the decisions we need to make about developing and commissioning (buying) the right healthcare.

One of the ways we do this is through ongoing and planned engagement. This is when the CCG will actively seek to involve patients and the public in discussions about changes to services and what is needed for future care.

We also, when looking at substantial changes to local NHS services, will carry out formal public consultation to gather views and opinions on proposals for change and will report on the outcomes of feedback during consultation before making decisions around change.

Formal Consultations 

We currently have no formal public consultations running. 

Public Engagement

We currently have no public engagements running. 

Partner Consultations

SET Dementia Consultation - Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Dementia Consultation went live on Monday 15 February for a period of six weeks. The consultation seeks the view of professionals, the public and partners to test if the priorities of the current Southend, Essex and Thurrock Dementia Strategy 2017-2021 are still the right priorities to support citizens, families and carers across Greater Essex who are living with or affected by dementia to live well. The format of the consultation has been developed in order to support our development of the overarching vision for dementia across Greater Essex.

The consultation is in two parts, the first being the consultation on the priorities and the second is understanding of the current situation for dementia and what the future might look like. Please note there is also an easy read version of both parts available online and to download via the link below.

Dementia 2022-2027 consultation

Dementia 2022-2027 EASY READ consultation

Past Consultations / Public Engagement

You can explore our work on previous consultations and public engagement programmes by selecting one of the categories below.


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