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Primary Care Commissioning Committee

We now have more responsibility and involvement in the design and commissioning (buying) of primary care services, in a joint commissioning arrangement with NHS England.

In the past the CCG commissioned hospital and acute services and primary care services were commissioned by NHS England. Joint commissioning with NHS England means we have greater influence across the entire local health system and helps us to change the way we deliver services so more are provided out of hospital in the community.

This joint approach between our CCG and NHS England is referred to as the ‘co-commissioning of primary care’ and we are now meeting regularly in a joint committee, in public, to consider and take decisions on local services together.

You are welcome to attend to find out more about how the committee works and our plans for primary care locally.

The agenda and papers for every meeting are published here one week before each meeting.

Due to the escalating Covid Pandemic situation we have taken steps to cancel non vital meetings across the CCG and therefore the next Primary Care Commissioning Committee meeting scheduled for 19 January 2021 has been cancelled. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Primary Care Commissioning Committee
Primary Care Commissioning Committee
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