Mid and South Essex Success Regime

stpThe Mid and South Essex Success Regime is currently one of three such programmes in the country. It is overseen jointly by a tripartite of national organisations - NHS England, NHS Trust Development Authority and Monitor, which looks after NHS Foundation Trusts. The tripartite works closely with the Care Quality Commission. The other two Success Regimes are in Devon and Cumbria.

The Success Regime is part of the NHS Five Year Forward View, which is a blueprint for the NHS to take decisive steps to secure high quality, joined-up care. It sets out the challenges facing health and care nationally and how radical change is needed to sustain services into the future and improve care for patients.

The Success Regime is concentrating on certain areas in the country where there are deep-rooted, systemic pressures. The overall aim is to improve health and care where these systems are managing financial deficits or issues of service quality or both.

The Success Regime brings management and financial support to local delivery and will help to unblock any barriers to change. As for all parts of the NHS, the priority is to go faster and further with transformation. Every local health and care system must have a Sustainability and Transformation Plan, and this is what the Mid and South Essex Success Regime will facilitate.

Developing health and care plans for the future

The below video provides an explanation of how health and care organisations in mid and south Essex are working together to develop plans to improve services for our local community.