Our Plans

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Live Well Corporate Strategy

Our corporate strategy which sets out our approach to how we develop our commissioning plans to create services that follow the phases of life.

pdf Live Well Corporate Strategy (8.39 MB)

Primary Care Foundations Strategy

pdf Mid and South Essex STP Primary Care Strategy (1.45 MB)

Out of Hospital Strategy

The draft Out of Hospital strategy was presented to Board in September 2018. Click here to view papers. 

Mental Health Strategy

The mental health strategy will be published in 2019.

Annual reports and reviews

Annual Report

A report on the CCG’s key areas of work and responsibilities during the course of the financial year 2017-2018.

pdf Mid Essex CCG Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18 (4.60 MB)

Annual Review

A summary of the CCG’s annual report including achievements and developments during the course of the financial year 2017-2018.

pdf Annual Report Review 2017/2018 (9.10 MB)

Operational plans

Operational Plan

Our Operational Plan sets out in detail our objectives for the year and the activity we will undertake to deliver our objectives.

  pdf Mid Essex CCG Operational Plan (1.55 MB)

Five Year Plan

Our Five Year Plan sets out the aspiration for the coming five years to work with our partners and the public to live well.

Mid Essex CCG 5 Year Strategy

Financial Recovery Plan

Mid Essex CCG has a duty set out in law to live within its means. In 2014 Mid Essex was identified as one of the 11 most challenged health economies in the country as it was spending more than it receives as an allocation for NHS England to buy services.

The CCG have devised a plan to bring the financial position back into 'in-year' balance by 2017/18.

pdf Mid Essex CCG Finanical Recovery Plan 2014 (1.52 MB)